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Contactmeasap provides photo printing and messaging services to customers in the USA. Our customers are given a unique phone number that is MMS/SMS enabled. Friends and family can send photos or sms messages to this phone number 24.7.365. The photos received by our system will be stored securely until the customers marks them for printing. With a simple command the customer can mark the photos for printing. Photos are printed on a photo-lab quality printer on 4 x 6 glossy paper. These photos will be mailed USPS first class mail to the customer. Customers can also use their phone number to send and receive messages. Our proprietary software runs in a state of the art certified data-center that enables us to provide uptimes reaching 99%. We are proudly female owned and operated. We guarantee you will love our services!

Our service provides a dedicated U.S.A. based phone number, assigned exclusively to your loved one on the inside, that you can send text messages to and we convert them into Corrlinks messages for your loved one.
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