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Best Federal Inmate Texting Service

Inmates can now maintain relationships with those outside through personal messaging apps that offer advanced security features and end-to-end encryption technology, much more cost effectively than phone calls.

Gaining access to an inmate texting service is simple. Search for an individual and connect using a secure communication platform which complies with facility regulations while upholding privacy.

1. Corrlinks

Corrlinks is the official email system of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, providing inmates with electronic messaging access with those outside prison walls and serving as an essential link between those incarcerated and their loved ones outside, encouraging emotional well-being while supporting reintegration into society upon release. While Corrlinks may contain some irritating features like its clunky interface and random account blocking decisions by prison staff, families looking to stay in contact during an imprisonment should give this option serious consideration.

Users must first register with the system by creating an account either through traditional web browsing or mobile app download. After registration, users will receive an invitation via email that must be accepted to gain access. After accepting this email invitation, the user is able to set a password and start messaging – message length limit is 13,000 characters with alerts sent out when messages arrive; inmates are subject to an inmate content guideline which prohibits discussing topics that would compromise public safety or the security of correctional institutions.

Corrlinks also offers a premium service that allows real-time notifications on smartphones and extended message retention of 60 days, for just an annual fee of $6 compared to its cost when used regularly. While Corrlinks may experience occasional outages due to heavy messaging volumes; delays when sending and receiving messages may occur due to this problem; the company strives to resolve it as quickly as possible.

2. Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging provides clients with an email-based way of sending secure messages directly to a practice, meeting HIPAA compliance. Once logged in, clients will be able to view their responses under “Messages” on the homepage dashboard.

JPay offers an efficient communication program that enables family and friends of individuals incarcerated to send them letters, attachments, photos and VideoGrams at cost per stamp ranging from 15 cents up to 12 cents depending on which bundle of stamps is purchased as indicated below.

3. ConnectNetwork Messaging

ConnectNetwork is your one-stop solution to staying in contact with an incarcerated loved one. Offering advanced communications services and secure messaging capability, ConnectNetwork enables friends and family to send secure messages directly from any computer with Internet access, smartphone app for Android or iOS, or via secure texting capability directly into prisons across America.

The message service allows you to send unlimited messages to an inmate as per facility regulations and purchase credits to enable him/her to respond back.* These messages will be delivered safely within an environment controlled by facility staff and reviewed by their Censorship Team before reaching their recipient.

ConnectNetwork also offers a free incoming voicemail system that makes leaving messages for those incarcerated easy and simple. When calling them back from a different number, simply provide the PIN number and follow the prompts to leave yours; once signed back into voicemail they’ll see it when next they log on! Leaving voicemail messages lets your loved ones know you are thinking of them while away in prison or jail.

Inmates receive a prepaid AdvancePay phone account which they manage and fund themselves to pay for phone calls. Friends and family can contribute funds directly into this AdvancePay account through ConnectNetwork’s free website or mobile apps to enable their loved one to call.

ConnectNetwork allows inmates to spend their prepaid money on various entertainment and educational activities, from literary genre books to sports, action and brain-challenging games. Inmates also gain access to breaking news stories and hot topics from popular news sources for keeping abreast of current events.

4. TextBehind

TextBehind is a secure portal designed to allow loved ones to send and receive letters with photos to loved ones incarcerated nationwide. Attorneys, public officials and correctional institutions can use TextBehind to process contraband-free legal mail with sender/attorney verification; additionally organizations and educators can utilize it as an educational and inspirational platform.

TextBehind allows anyone with internet access to register an account and gain access to its platform at any time and from any computer, providing various services including letter creation tools, email message managers and money order transaction management tools. Once signed in they can also manage their profile and review previous transactions.

This website also offers various features and pricing options, such as creating and sending letters for free or purchasing packages of 10 messages at a discounted rate. Furthermore, prepaid accounts allow users to automatically pay for digital mail messages that arrive.

Union Supply provides other services, including Global Tel Link (GTL) tablet messaging and Union Supply’s quarterly food packages for inmates. GTL phone service costs only $0.12 per minute or $1.80 for fifteen minutes of use; families of inmates can send messages using GTL tablet messenger for $.25 per message sent.

North Carolina prison officials claimed in a recent Rosenzweig article that after beginning using TextBehind, drug intake to women’s prisons in North Carolina dropped by 50 percent – though this claim cannot be independently verified as drugs enter prisons through various avenues. Furthermore, their policy attempts to generate revenue by forcing families to subscribe.

5. ContactMeAsap

Staying connected to loved ones during incarceration is key for maintaining emotional wellbeing, and text messaging provides a convenient means of doing just that. By instantly communicating via text messaging, families are better connected, feel less isolated, and maximize rehabilitation potential. Unfortunately, traditional means such as phone calls and letters can be expensive and time consuming; ContactMeASAP offers families an innovative solution enabling them to quickly text federal inmates without breaking the bank.

Family members can quickly register with this service by creating an account through its app or website, adding their loved one with name and correctional facility details, purchasing credits to initiate real-time messaging sessions, and purchasing encryption technology that protects user privacy while monitoring communications in real time to ensure compliance with prison rules. Friendly customer support staff are also always on-hand to assist users should any queries or issues arise.

ContactMeASAP’s cost-effective pricing and extensive features are revolutionizing how families connect with incarcerated loved ones. From instant texting to photo sharing, this service provides an effective and cost-efficient means of staying in contact.

Staying in contact with loved ones during an incarceration can be challenging, particularly when they live in another state or country. With ContactMeASAP’s texting services for federal inmates from any mobile device – with messages monitored real-time to ensure security and compliance – keeping in contact becomes much simpler. Plus its user-friendly interface makes using ContactMeASAP easy even for those new to technology; best of all it is affordable and secure making it the ideal alternative to expensive phone calls or postage fees.