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Contactmeasap – A Safe System That Connects Inmates With Family Outside of Prison

Contactmeasap is an inexpensive system designed to connect inmates with family and friends outside the institution. It prioritizes privacy while complying with institutional regulations, making this an economical alternative to calling or writing letters.

Families can take advantage of this service by registering via app or secure portal and adding their federal inmate with his/her name and facility details; then begin communicating in real time!

Easy to use

Keep in touch with loved ones during incarceration is key to maintaining physical and emotional well-being, aiding recovery from mental health conditions and aiding successful reintegration into society once released from prison. However, traditional forms of communication such as phone calls or letters can be costly and time consuming to manage; contactmeasap offers an easy solution that makes texting your loved ones easy on an intuitive app or web portal, offering real time communication capabilities with state-of-the-art encryption technology so that conversations stay private while complying with facility regulations.

Families can easily sign up on ContactMeASAP’s website or app by providing their personal details and verifying their identities, then adding their incarcerated loved one(s). Once registered, instant messaging begins automatically with all messages being monitored in real-time for security purposes; furthermore this service encrypts conversations end-to-end for additional privacy protection; it works across iOS and Android devices as well as computers; finally there’s even a customer support team available 24/7 should any queries arise regarding the service itself.

Incarcerated individuals must stay connected with family and friends in order to avoid returning to criminal behavior upon release from prison. This can be especially challenging for those with mental illness or developmental disabilities who struggle to adapt to change and isolation. Text messaging inmates may help bridge this gap and improve quality of life by giving more support from family members that will enable rehabilitation processes to progress more successfully.

Contactmeasap provides federal inmates with an effortless and cost-effective method for communicating with their loved ones through a text messaging platform, unlike other services which may cost more and require round-the-clock access. Families can use any device they own with this service meeting the most stringent privacy standards nationwide prisons; as well as being capable of sending photos and voice messages across multiple devices – making the lives of inmates in jail much simpler while providing emotional support during their imprisonment. This service has revolutionized how inmates stay close with family and loved ones through texting them directly – helping keep family ties strong while in prison while feeling supported during incarceration by simplifying and streamlining communication methods while staying close and supported during incarceration.


Staying in contact with family during prison is crucial to an inmate’s mental wellbeing and successful rehabilitation, but traditional communication methods can be costly and frustrating. Modern solutions enable incarcerated individuals to communicate with family via messaging apps which provide more cost-efficient, safe, and convenient alternatives to phone calls or letters; approved devices provide access to these texting services that prioritise user privacy through end-to-end encryption technology.

Contactmeasap provides an inexpensive and straightforward inmate texting service that makes staying connected easier during time behind bars. Inmates can access it from any approved device and purchase credits instantly to keep in touch with loved ones at home while behind bars. Highly secure and compliant with prison regulations, Contactmeasap also features additional features like photo sharing. Its team of customer support staff are on standby 24/7 to address any inquiries or provide any assistance when necessary.

Family members can register an account on contactmeasap’s website or app and add their incarcerated loved ones, then receive notifications when their loved one responds; real-time texting conversations can then begin, as well as sharing photos and video clips via real time texting. Furthermore, it offers affordable monthly pricing with around-the-clock service.

Contactmeasap is an affordable inmate texting service that allows federal inmates to communicate with family and friends in real-time, using state-of-the-art encryption technology and in compliance with prison regulations to keep all communications between inmates secure and private. Families can use Contactmeasap’s service to stay updated on the status and location of their loved ones who are currently incarcerated. Simply create an account on either their website or app, register their inmate’s name, jail/prison facility location, cell phone number as well as their status. To purchase credit, just click “buy”. The app is user-friendly and compatible with iOS and Android phones/tablets alike – making Inmate Texting an affordable and efficient means for inmates to stay in contact with loved ones compared to more costly methods such as phone calls or letters.


Staying connected to loved ones during incarceration is crucial to staying healthy and content; now a service has emerged to assist federal inmates in staying in touch with them. Offering an economical alternative to phone calls and letters, this innovative text messaging service prioritizes user security through end-to-end encryption and real time message monitoring; supporting multiple devices with its app support as well as photo sharing capabilities between family members incarcerated at different institutions – ultimately strengthening family ties while improving emotional wellbeing as well as increasing chances for successful reintegration once their sentence has run its course.

Utilizing Contactmeasap is straightforward for families. Simply register on their website or app, add their incarcerated loved one(s), enter their name and facility details, and begin communication immediately; messages are monitored real time to ensure compliance with prison regulations while families can buy credits at an affordable rate for texting messages to incarcerated loved ones. Compatible with iOS and Android devices with an intuitive user-friendly interface making it accessible even to non-technical individuals.

Inmates can stay in contact with their families through real-time texting, photo sharing and video calling services provided by this provider. Inmates also have access to buying phones and depositing funds into private accounts for use later. By using this service, inmates can avoid costly phone calls and overspending risks, while also staying up-to-date on events happening around them and any breaking news stories. Inmates can benefit from this service in several ways, such as receiving essential items like toothpaste and sanitary products for care packages. Furthermore, inmates may even earn money using this service to increase their spending power and enhance the quality of their life in prison – they could donate some earnings to charity too! Furthermore, this service enables inmates to participate in family therapy sessions with loved ones that can keep them mentally healthy – something essential to success when released from incarceration.


Remaining connected to family is crucial during an inmate’s incarceration; regular communication helps maintain a sense of normalcy and emotional support. Traditional phone calls or letters can be costly for both parties involved; text messaging solutions for inmates offer more cost-efficient means of staying in touch.

Inmate texting services enable families of loved ones incarcerated in prison to communicate via real-time messaging on approved devices at affordable rates, prioritizing user security with cutting edge encryption technology to ensure only those intended can read messages sent by inmate texting services. They adhere to federal regulations regarding inmate communications for added peace of mind.

The top inmate texting services are simple to use and offer a range of features such as photo sharing. In addition, these services feature 24-hour customer service that can answer any queries about them; some even feature video calling capabilities that enable families to keep in touch with one another through shared memories.

Though inmates typically are not permitted to receive photos through their phones, some prisons now permit prisoners to use a secure app called Contactmeasap to transmit and receive images securely. Compatible with iOS and Android devices alike, its user-friendly interface makes this an effortless process to install; once approved by your inmate you can begin messaging them right away!

Staying connected with their loved ones during incarceration reduces the chances of engaging in illegal activities like gang activity or self-harm, as well as helps alleviate feelings of isolation and despair that could otherwise lead to retaliation or gang activity. Unfortunately, limited visiting hours, high phone charges, glass screens have made forming strong familial bonds difficult; Contactmeasap makes maintaining close relationships much simpler for inmates while in prison.