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ContactMeASAP Explained

Contactmeasap is an innovative service designed to aid incarcerated individuals in maintaining strong familial ties while they serve time in prison. Through its user-friendly platform and instant messaging capabilities, family can connect with loved ones who are currently behind bars in real time, creating the illusion that distance is closer than it really is.

Communication via VoIP is cost-effective when compared with traditional methods and prioritizes user security by employing state-of-the-art encryption technology to safeguard all communications.


Communication for federal inmates can be costly, with phone calls and letters costing a great deal of money. ContactMeASAP provides an economical solution that enables inmates to stay in touch with loved ones outside prison walls by sending and receiving text messages – providing vital connections while feeling more empowered during rehabilitation process.

ContactMeASAP provides inmates accessing correctional facilities with convenient kiosks or tablets that allow them to easily use ContactMeASAP via a user-friendly and easy app, making it an effective means for inmates to communicate with loved ones while protecting privacy and security by encrypting conversations end-to-end for maximum safety.

ContactMeASAP allows family members and loved ones to respond instantly to texts sent by their loved ones in real-time through ContactMeASAP, purchasing credits through the app and receiving notifications whenever their loved ones text them. Inmates may also use it as a platform to share photos and videos; all communication within this facility is monitored to ensure safety and abides with regulations.

Service prices are affordable for families. Additionally, its user-friendly interface makes navigation simple even if users are new to technology. Furthermore, iOS and Android versions are both supported to ensure broad accessibility.

Easy to use

Staying connected to loved ones in today’s fast-paced world can be challenging for families of those incarcerated; conventional forms of communication like phone calls and letters may be costly and time consuming. Luckily, modern solutions such as ContactMeASAP offer alternative means of staying in touch.

ContactMeASAP is an inmate messaging platform operating under federal regulations. Inmates can access it by downloading the app on an approved device and creating an account with personal details; once registered, they can begin communicating with loved ones through sending and receiving texts; building these healthy relationships can help inmates cope with stress from incarceration as well as improve rehabilitation processes by offering emotional support and feeling connected with people outside their facility.

This app is easy to use and can be downloaded onto most mobile devices. After signing up, inmates will receive their username and password to log into the secure portal app or secure app itself. They can then add contacts from their approved list so only authorised individuals may communicate with them; furthermore, our system blocks messages from unapproved contacts to protect privacy and prevent abuse.


ContactMeASAP is an innovative federal inmate texting service that facilitates communication between inmates and their loved ones while in prison, providing emotional support and increasing chances for successful reintegration upon release. In addition to secure messaging, media sharing and real-time conversations are also offered through this user-friendly solution that boasts cost efficiency for prisoners and their families alike.

Family members interested in using the federal inmate texting service should first create an account via the app or website, then add their loved one who is incarcerated to their list using his/her name and facility details. Once set up, messaging begins immediately – monitored in real time to ensure no inappropriate messages are being sent out.

Staying in contact with those we care for is crucial, and this is particularly true when someone you love is behind bars. While traditional forms of communication, like phone calls or letters, can be costly and time consuming to navigate, ContactMeASAP makes staying in touch easy thanks to its user-friendly platform, security-minded policies, and exceptional customer support – ideal solutions for families of inmates whose loved one are locked up or under investigation. All messages sent through ContactMeASAP are encrypted to protect against unauthorised viewing.


Communication technology has never been more accessible. But staying in contact with loved ones during incarceration can be challenging due to traditional means like phone calls or letters being both costly and time-consuming. That is why ContactMeASAP offers its innovative inmate texting service – making it easier than ever for loved ones to stay in touch with federal prisoners!

Inmates can utilize this service to stay in contact with family and friends while experiencing a more personalized and responsive experience than traditional options. In addition, user security is prioritized using encryption technology for privacy protection while real-time messages monitoring helps ensure compliance with prison regulations.

ContactMeASAP is available to all federal inmates and provides cost-effective communication for families of the imprisoned loved one. Families can create an account on either app or website and add their loved ones who are imprisoned into it, then start messaging them without difficulty.

ContactMeASAP’s user-friendly app makes family contact simple, with its wide array of features making life simpler for families to keep tabs. In addition to texting, ContactMeASAP allows families to share photos and videos with inmates for greater connection while decreasing feelings of isolation. Furthermore, its reliable customer support team is always ready to provide assistance if any queries or issues arise.