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Contactmeasap Review

Contactmeasap provides an intuitive inmate text app, making communication between incarcerated individuals and loved ones much simpler in real time. The service has revolutionized how federal inmates stay in contact with their families while offering numerous advantages and benefits.

These benefits include cost-effective communication and secure messaging; in addition, this app prioritizes privacy and compliance with institutional regulations.

Easy to use

Staying connected to loved ones is of vital importance in all walks of life; however, those incarcerated face unique difficulties when trying to stay in contact with family. Traditional forms of communication such as phone calls and letters may be costly and time consuming; thanks to modern technology it has never been simpler or cheaper to stay in contact with those behind bars.

Contactmeasap is an innovative service that enables families to communicate with loved ones who are currently incarcerated via text messaging, with cost-effective rates and prioritizing user security. Utilizing state-of-the-art encryption, conversations remain private; only approved contacts of an inmate can read your messages. Furthermore, users can share photos with their relatives incarcerated within the app to show support and build stronger bonds while in prison.

To get started with ContactMeASAP, download their app or website and create an account. Upon creating your account, provide some basic information and agree to their terms of service before adding any incarcerated loved ones as contacts and sending messages. ContactMeASAP also has a dedicated customer support team available 24/7 that can assist with technical issues or provide guidance through every stage of this process.


ContactMeASAP is an innovative inmate text messaging service that makes communication with loved ones from prison easier and safer, compliant with federal regulations, while offering cost-efficient alternatives to phone calls or letters.

Inmates can access this service by downloading and registering an app on approved devices and creating an account with personal details. Families can keep in touch with loved ones 24/7 through this platform; maintaining healthy relationships during incarceration helps inmates cope better with stress while improving rehabilitation processes.

Traditional inmate communication was limited to phone calls or physical visits with family and loved ones; these methods can be expensive and difficult to schedule. With modern technology however, staying in contact with loved ones becomes easier for incarcerated people. ContactMeASAP provides secure inmate-to-inmate texting that connects loved ones through instant messaging; credits may be purchased within the app for sending out instant messages as well. Conversations on this platform are monitored for security purposes as well as compliance with institutional rules ensuring safe conversations all around. Inmates and contacts alike can share photos and videos within this service too!


ContactMeASAP provides loved ones of federal inmates a secure messaging platform that enables real-time, encrypted chat sessions that meet prison rules. Families can stay updated about the status of their inmate’s case while using ContactMeASAP’s affordable and user-friendly service – an ideal alternative to costly phone calls or postage fees for letters.

Families can create accounts on either the website or app and add their loved ones who are currently incarcerated to a list. From there, text messaging and voice calling capabilities become available as communication channels with these services as well as photo sharing features and photo archiving features.

Contrary to traditional forms of communication, this app enables inmates to engage with one another directly, alleviating feelings of isolation and encouraging rehabilitation. They can ask for emotional support, share updates and receive education resources that will assist their reentry back into society upon release – thereby not only increasing quality of life but also chances of success upon reentry.

App is available on iOS and Android devices and users can purchase credits directly through its website or app. Designed as an easy way to communicate with inmates, its user-friendly interface makes it simple even for those new to technology to use it effectively; plus its cost is affordable for families while dedicated customer support helps resolve any issues as needed.


ContactMeASAP can help families maintain relationships with incarcerated loved ones and offer emotional support, while decreasing feelings of isolation and loneliness. The app is user-friendly for both inmates and loved ones; even more so as it allows inmates to share photos with loved ones for added connectivity and visual communication.

ContactMeASAP offers an efficient, safe and cost-effective alternative to phone calls or physical visits for prisoners in prisons and institutions. Encryption technology ensures conversations remain private from third parties while giving inmates real time text messaging capabilities with family and friends while maintaining an intimate bond despite being behind bars.

Families wanting to use ContactMeASAP must first register an account on its website or app. After creating their account, they can add their inmate with name and facility details into the list so they can start messaging immediately; all communications are monitored in real-time for security and safety purposes and customer support is always available to answer any queries about its usage.