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Federal Inmate Photo Printing

Prisoners love receiving real photos from loved ones – such as vacation pictures or images of family pets. Receiving real images makes prisoners smile and feels them more connected to life back outside incarceration.

Before sending pictures to prison, it’s essential to understand their rules. For instance, photos must not depict nudity or sexually suggestive material.


Assisting loved ones incarcerated can be challenging, so maintaining contact can be an ongoing task. Letters and photos sent via physical mail provide a sense of connection and hope – however finding appropriate materials to send can often prove daunting – however Pelipost is an innovative start-up that makes this task easier allowing users to send printed photos and other items directly to those incarcerated loved ones via an app that makes this possible.

Becky and Joe Calderon started this company out of love and personal experience, particularly while Becky was imprisoned while Joe attended college. It became difficult for the mother-son duo to remain connected so they started discussing ways they could assist others going through similar circumstances.

Calderon had the idea to develop a photo sharing platform where individuals could upload and send photographs directly to loved ones incarcerated in prisons and gulags. At present, Pelipost serves over 500,000 customers annually and sends over 10 million photos out annually; its products can be found at over 2,500 Walmart stores with excellent reviews from customers.

Pelipost takes great care in complying with each correctional facility’s rules, with their team conducting in-depth research. This enables them to deliver an effortless customer experience for customers – and they offer 24/7 customer service should there be any inquiries or issues.

Just with one click, users can send high-quality photographs and personal messages directly to incarcerated loved ones. No contracts or hidden fees are ever charged – all products arrive directly with postage already included!

Photo Printing Services

Staying in touch with loved ones behind bars has never been simpler! Print stunning photos they will treasure and earn PeliPOINTS towards free prints or amazing swag!

At present, we service all Federal facilities as well as State prisons and County jails across the US. Inmates love receiving real mail and pictures from their family & friends as it keeps their relationships alive & makes them feel special!

Photo printing services provide the ideal way of staying connected with loved ones while they’re incarcerated. We utilize cutting-edge technology that will enable you to print high-quality photographs. Plus, we provide additional finishing solutions such as foil stamping, die-cutting, numbering, padding and padding!

Sending inmate photos has never been simpler! Simply use our inmate locator tool to locate them and upload their photo, after which we will print and ship directly to their facility. Our team stays abreast of rules at prisons & jails so you can rest easy knowing your photos will reach their destination without breaking any rules!

Sending Photos to Inmates

Inmates appreciate receiving real photos of loved ones and pets that make them feel connected to the outside world despite being in jail, mail and greeting cards that show kindness are also popular with inmates, making them feel special and appreciated. Unfortunately, sending these items can be challenging since they need to be printed out and sent via mail on behalf of someone outside of prison before being checked by prison authorities to ensure no prohibited materials have been included in them.

Photos and letters must also be delivered to the correct facility in their proper format, adhering to any specific guidelines that may exist for that facility. While regulations vary from facility to facility, common rules include all photographs being of an acceptable size without images of violence or insinuating gang activity and with the subject clearly identifiable; photos that display hand gestures like peace signs or thumbs up may not be accepted at all and returned back to sender or destroyed.

The best way to send photos directly to Federal inmates is with an online service that prints and mails photos directly. This option offers high-quality prints at an affordable cost; it should also be noted that labels or tape could potentially allow inmates to smuggle illicit substances into the facility.

At Pigeonly, another solution for sending photos and messages to Federal inmates is via mobile apps such as Pigeonly which allow you to purchase Message Credits and use this service to upload photo or video attachments, along with messages. As it stays up-to-date with prison/jail regulations and rules, your photos and messages won’t be rejected!