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Federal Inmate Text App

The Federal inmate text app is an innovative communication solution designed to keep individuals incarcerated connected with their loved ones during incarceration. This can help maintain relationships, obtain support, and remain motivated during incarceration.

This service also helps facilities reduce the amount of mail they receive, saving staff both time and money while protecting inmates from hackers.


Federal inmate text apps offer an affordable and efficient means of staying in touch with loved ones behind bars, as they comply with prison rules and regulations. Top-rated apps are user-friendly and provide options for sending/receiving messages, photos, video clips as well as digital mail scanning/processing before it reaches prison inmates; this service, however, has caused privacy concerns as well as additional costs.

Though electronic messaging providers aim to keep prisoners connected with their families and communities, many make profits off high fees and subpar technology. Two corporations, Securus and Global Tel*Link, dominate this market and their e-messaging systems charge people outside per message and then charge those inside per minute rate; additionally these systems have character limitations on messages sent; some require users to access proprietary platforms in order to read messages;

Family members looking to save money and avoid unnecessary fees should opt for an inmate text app which doesn’t charge per message and has a low per-message price, with good connection available 24/7 – this will prevent unwanted charges while saving them in the long run.


When an inmate is behind bars, keeping in contact can be challenging for their loved ones. Traditional methods such as letters or phone calls may be expensive, time-consuming, and often ineffective; but new technologies are providing a solution: inmate texting apps enable those incarcerated with communication that’s faster, cheaper and safer while offering privacy to both parties involved.

Corrlinks app provides federal inmates and their loved ones a great way to keep in contact while the person is behind bars. Users can exchange messages, photos and video chats without the need for login credentials or passwords – instantaneous messaging notification services allow family and friends to stay in touch at no cost; inmates pay five cents per message while this service offers clear pricing structure with simple user-friendly interface compared to phone calls that may become expensive and confusing over time.

Corrlinks remains an invaluable tool for forging inmate connections and decreasing recidivism rates, providing safe and monitored communications to inmates that may positively influence their mental wellbeing. Furthermore, its streamlining communication processes saves both inmates and prison staff valuable time and resources.

Ease of use

Federal inmate text apps offer prisoners a safe, discreet, and cost-effective means of staying in touch with loved ones during incarceration. Furthermore, these technologies foster positive attitudes toward prison life while aiding transition back into society when released – helping reduce recidivism rates while simultaneously improving family morale while saving correctional facilities money on costs. But to maximize effectiveness these technologies must adhere to stringent privacy protocols for optimal use.

Federal inmate text app are an outstanding alternative to more traditional methods of communication such as letters or phone calls. With these apps, inmates can gain access to invaluable information and emotional support, helping alleviate feelings of isolation or depression while even sharing photos with their loved ones.

Inmates may access various apps on their tablets for entertainment and communication needs such as music, games and news – some are free while others require payment; additional features such as photo/video messaging may incur fees depending on which facility you reside at.

Inmates can access these services by adding external contacts to their “Contacts” list and then exchanging messages based on messaging rates at each facility. Furthermore, outside contacts can buy credits so they can reach inmates at any time, 24/7; some facilities block some services.


Text messaging offers federal inmates a cost-effective solution to staying connected to family and society while in correctional facilities. While using this technology may have its own legal and ethical considerations, texting provides another means of staying in touch.

Corrlinks’ system limits email messages to 13,000 characters and restricts foreign symbols or bold or italicized lettering; also it enforces time restrictions on public messaging. Corrlinks allows inmates to only use plain black text without foreign characters or bold/italicized lettering; furthermore it monitors how often inmates log on as well as set time restrictions on public messaging.

Correctional facilities should allow inmates the freedom to select a service provider that offers strong privacy policies, such as how long information is stored, who has access to it and what occurs if breach occurs. Likewise, competitive services on their tablets could help drive prices down while simultaneously increasing functionality; additionally this would motivate providers to innovate better services for inmates – something which inmates need in order to communicate with loved ones while in prison – finding an affordable yet secure and reliable provider could make all the difference for inmate communication needs.