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Inmate Text Services

Text services allow family and friends of those incarcerated to maintain contact, while providing an affordable and convenient alternative to expensive phone calls and letters. Furthermore, such services help foster feelings of connection and support as well as contribute to an inmate’s wellbeing.

To use messaging, add an inmate by their booking number or name, purchase credits to send messages, and purchase more credits when sending the messages.


ConnectNetwork is your one-stop resource for staying in contact with those you care about who are incarcerated, offering communication services in correctional facilities across the nation and offering messaging service that allows friends and family to send out messages directly to inmates in correctional facilities – and receive replies! Messages can be sent 24 hours a day using ConnectNetwork’s website or free mobile apps; friends and family can even deposit funds directly into an inmate’s prepaid AdvancePay account online or using ConnectNetwork’s mobile apps!

Inmates can utilize these accounts to purchase phone calls and other services through our site, subscriptions and premium content subscriptions, fund their prepaid accounts using either web or mobile apps and deposits are processed quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, there is an integrated debit card option which enables further purchases.

Inmates can access an inmate voicemail system that is PIN protected and secure. Anyone with a valid phone number who have prepaid AdvancePay accounts can call the dedicated site number using any valid phone number and follow the prompts to leave a two minute voice message for loved ones. Inmates also have access to online news sources, mind challenging games, music streaming sites and popular news websites; each facility determines availability prior to making deposits.


GettingOut is an inmate messaging app designed to allow loved ones to stay in contact with incarcerated loved ones. Available at select correctional facilities, it enables users to send and receive messages and photos to each other as well as post updates on Facebook, Foursquare check-ins and make deposits through JPay; editing photos or videos using various filters is also possible. GettingOut provides inmates multiple ways of staying on track in prison while decreasing recidivism rates.

The GettingOut app is part of a larger prison telecom industry that generates billions annually, with companies like TextBehind and GTL/ViaPath, formerly Global Tel Link, dominating over 80 percent of prison e-messaging market share. Their business models aim to bring those currently behind bars into modernity through efficiency and security features that provide them with secure e-mail communication systems.

Inmates receive free Android tablets loaded with various educational and entertainment apps – both free and fee-based -, phone apps, GettingOut e-messaging applications and phone services are also provided to them free. Outsiders pay by minute for accessing these applications while inmates are charged a fixed amount per message or photo they receive from outside.


SmartJAIL has changed inmate communication forever. This software solution provides electronic messaging and video visits, revolutionizing prison mail systems into something faster, cleaner, and more affordable for inmates and their loved ones – not to mention saving jail staff both time and money – while simultaneously increasing morale among inmates while potentially creating additional income opportunities for the facility.

Service users and those incarcerated can use it to send messages, photos, emails and use an inmate locator to locate someone and purchase credits for sending messages electronically to inmate’s tablets and kiosks at their facility.

Message Link features include advanced scanning and filtering that ensure incarcerated individuals only receive authorized content, real-time translation capabilities, as well as voice-to-text features that help overcome language and literacy barriers.

SmartJAIL’s innovative solution is an example of American ingenuity, and has quickly been adopted by correctional facilities throughout the nation. Easily operated and fully compatible with existing CAD/RMS systems, its flexible pricing structure enables organizations to contact them directly for tailored quotes; additionally there is 24/7 customer support!


TextBehind allows inmates and their families and friends to send text messages, photos, cards and drawings within prison walls at no cost, while legal documents or other items can also be uploaded using the app for viewing later on by using 49 cents for each item sent – which is less than what stamp costs would cost! Using TextBehind is free; however 49 cents is charged per item sent – making TextBehind less costly than postal services!

On its website, this company outlines that they offer a centralized inmate mail management system that reduces prisoner contraband by scanning and inspecting mail before it reaches an institution. Furthermore, they offer several investigative tools useful to correctional facilities, including smart search, auto-content discovery, watchlists and watchlist filters.

Daily updates to inmate data are automated and displayed automatically on incoming letters, saving time for both staff and inmates alike by eliminating the need to manually locate housing information. Inmates are then freed up to engage in more productive activities like work and education that may improve outcomes for inmates.

TextBehind stands apart from services that prioritize profit over prisoner welfare by not sharing personal data with third-parties, nor scanning any photos or messages sent between inmates; additionally, its digital archives store all inmates’ mail for seven years so prisons may access it anytime; these digital records are particularly beneficial to female prisoners who may experience sexual assault behind bars.