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Keeping in Touch With Loved Ones During Prison

Maintaining strong family ties during prison can reduce feelings of isolation and facilitate rehabilitation, helping lower recidivism rates once released from confinement. Inmates can use services like Contactmeasap to stay in contact with loved ones through text messaging – offering user-friendly features with privacy protection for conversations.

Families can quickly create accounts on either our app or website and start communicating immediately, knowing their conversations are monitored for security compliance purposes and customer support is always available 24/7.

Easy to use

Keep your loved ones close is essential, but when behind bars it can be particularly challenging. While traditional phone calls and letters may be costly, inmate-to-inmate text messaging services provide more cost-effective and user-friendly messaging services which comply with prison rules while remaining easy and affordable for inmates to use. They’re also accessible on multiple devices and operate around the clock – something traditional phone calls and letters cannot do.

Many prisoners experience feelings of isolation, so having regular contact with family can help ease these struggles and promote emotional wellbeing. Furthermore, family can strengthen bonds that support community reintegration prospects upon release from imprisonment; especially beneficial for mental illness or developmental disability inmates who face even greater challenges adjusting to life outside the walls; isolation can sometimes even result in dysfunctional social withdrawal and lengthen their incarceration term.

Text messaging provides an affordable alternative to costly phone calls and letters for inmates to maintain strong familial ties while behind bars. The service is easy and intuitive for most smartphones; simply register on the site with some basic info before adding an incarcerated loved one and starting messaging immediately. Real-time monitoring ensures compliance with prison regulations while end-to-end encryption protects user privacy – making Inmate Text Messaging an excellent choice for families seeking reliable means of connecting with their incarcerated loved ones.


ContactMeASAP provides an affordable way for incarcerated individuals to remain connected with loved ones while behind bars. The service allows instant texting with family and friends in real time, alleviating feelings of isolation and increasing emotional well-being. Inmates can send photos and messages, further strengthening family bonds. Furthermore, its user-friendly design makes it a cost-effective alternative to phone calls or physical mail delivery.

Families wanting to utilize this service must first check if their inmate’s facility accepts it before purchasing a book of credits and communicating with them via an app that uses secure messaging which prevents unwarranted viewing by third parties. Furthermore, inmates can send emojis and emoticons which enhance both parties’ experiences; should your loved one come across any offensive material make sure to notify prison staff immediately.

Contactmeasap is revolutionizing how federal inmates communicate with loved ones by offering secure texting services that are both cost-effective and user-friendly. Their secure messaging service prioritizes security by encrypting end-to-end conversations; fully compliant with institutional regulations; provides round-the-clock customer support services for any issues; is user-friendly and helps provide individuals in prison a sense of normalcy that may help overcome feelings of loneliness and isolation, strengthening family ties that will prove vital in rehabilitation processes.


Staying connected to loved ones during incarceration is essential, and ContactMeASAP text messaging support makes this task simple. This service enables inmates and their loved ones to instantly and securely exchange text messages instantly; photos or videos may also be shared instantly via the app. All conversations are monitored in real time while blocking unauthorized contacts to maintain security and adhere to prison regulations.

Family members of those in incarceration can sign up for this app by creating an account online or offline and entering their details, then adding loved ones in real time for real-time communication. It provides an economical and secure alternative to expensive phone calls or lengthy postage fees for families seeking an easier, cost-effective service solution.

This app is also user-friendly, offering an intuitive interface and multiple features that make it simple for families to share photos and videos, with all conversations monitored real time for security and compliance purposes. Furthermore, users can schedule multiple messages at the same time.

Even though isolation can have detrimental effects, maintaining family connections during incarceration can help alleviate stress and depression, foster resilience, and increase chances of successful reintegration into society after release from prison. It is therefore imperative for federal inmates to keep in contact with their loved ones while in custody.


Contactmeasap provides an affordable and dependable means of keeping inmates connected to their families, helping reduce feelings of isolation while supporting rehabilitation processes. Family members can communicate instantly through text messaging with loved ones in prison; all conversations are monitored real-time for compliance with prison regulations. Inmates can share photos and videos with loved ones during incarceration to maintain visual and emotional connections during their time apart from them.

Isolation can be one of the greatest challenges to prison life, leading to mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. Regular communication with family and friends can help incarcerated individuals overcome this hurdle while strengthening familial bonds; additionally, regular conversations may alleviate stress and depression while reinvigorating positive emotional responses following past trauma.

Traditionally, individuals incarcerated have had to rely on costly phone calls and letters sent through prison mail services in order to maintain healthy relationships with loved ones outside prison walls. Unfortunately, these methods can be time consuming and expensive to send; but modern inmate texting services make connecting with family easier than ever at a lower cost with cost-effective text messages that prioritize user security with cutting-edge encryption technology and adhere to prison communications requirements. These services help inmates maintain strong ties to family which will serve them upon release from incarceration as they return into society upon leaving prison.