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The Best Inmate Text App

As part of their recovery process, inmates need to maintain relationships with those outside prison walls to overcome loneliness and build bonds that will assist their reentry into society upon release from incarceration.

The top inmate text app provides an efficient and cost-effective way for families to maintain connections with incarcerated loved ones. Users can send photos, messages and eCards directly from any device to inmates in jail or prison.

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging provides SimplePractice users with a way to send encrypted, HIPAA compliant messages directly from within their practice to clients and team members, without leaving the application itself. Secure Messaging comes standard with all SimplePractice plans.

When it comes to secure text apps, the ideal one should be user-friendly and transparent about its encryption processes. That way, it is easy to verify whether developers are employing effective algorithms correctly rather than trying to keep bad actors at bay from understanding how the app operates (known as security through obscurity). Furthermore, audited encryption auditing services have verified their encryption methods as well.

ConnectNetwork Messaging

ConnectNetwork Messaging allows inmates at participating facilities to respond electronically to messages received using ConnectNetwork Messaging, making the service accessible from your computer, smartphone or tablet (both Android and Apple). Simply login to your online account and select an inmate you would like to communicate with from the “Contacts” list before writing your message and purchasing credits to send. Depending on your facility you may even be able to add photos and videos directly into your messages!

When an inmate responds to your message, you will receive a notification informing you. From here, you have two options for handling their reply: either listening or viewing in your account.

ConnectNetwork AdvancePay offers inmates another means of communication; friends and family can deposit funds for collect calls through this prepaid phone service and the inmate uses these deposited funds to contact you or other recipients.

Funding an AdvancePay account is quick and straightforward. Once the funds have been deposited, your inmate can call you using any approved calling device such as their cell phone, landline phone, VoIP phone or even the free ConnectNetwork mobile app. Multiple AdvancePay accounts can even be created if they reside at different facilities.


TextBehind is a nationwide service offering free of charge that enables families, friends, TextPals (pen pals), and others to send text messages, photos, cards and electronic money orders directly to incarcerated loved ones without incurring extra costs for postage and envelopes, stamps and paper purchases at money order shops. Unlimited reply letters sent back electronically are electronically delivered back to senders’ smartphones without additional fee being added on; additional inmate reply letters can even be electronically delivered directly back. Unlimited inmate reply letters can then be sent electronically delivered back as part of this free nationwide service – eliminating envelopes stamps paper purchases while visiting money order shops!

The company processes mail before entering correctional facilities, providing faster delivery and reducing costs to institutions. With their scanning system allowing inmates to view their mail on tablet devices instead of being physically examined by staff members; up to five pieces per week can be seen for review within 24 hours of being received by them.

Additionally, this company ensures contraband is kept out of prisons by keeping it out of circulation. Before, smugglers would coat ordinary paper with liquid fentanyl, Suboxone or K2 so as to pass for regular mail; unfortunately this type of mail was often intercepted by staff leading to various disciplinary infractions for drug possession and usage.

TextBehind provides many additional advantages to correctional facilities. It can cut prison-related grievances by up to 95% and cut costs by cutting time spent processing mail physically and eliminating purchases such as envelopes, stamps, paper or photo prints.


ContactMeASAP is an innovative service designed to keep incarcerated individuals connected in real-time with loved ones through an intuitive messaging app. ContactMeASAP offers more cost-effective communication methods and prioritizes user security, operating through an encrypted portal accessible only on approved devices ensuring conversations stay confidential while adhering to institutional rules. With its simple user interface and quick approval process, inmates can quickly add approved contacts and start communicating immediately with one another.

This service provides federal inmates with a secure, safe, and cost-effective alternative to phone calls and physical visits, and allows them to share photos with their loved ones, providing another layer of connection and visual communication while in prison and helping reduce feelings of isolation or loneliness. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface and real-time messaging capabilities enable inmates to remain up-to-date with loved ones’ cases and current situations easing worries about their wellbeing while they remain behind bars.

ContactMeASAP may seem convenient and affordable, but its use isn’t without risks. While the app can provide reliable and safe solutions, authorities must monitor it to ensure compliance with prison regulations. Though it might tempt you to use ContactMeASAP for illegal purposes, keep in mind that any messages sent directly to an inmate could lead to criminal penalties as well as civil damages claims.