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The Top 5 Federal Inmate Texting Apps of 2021: Stay Connected Behind Bars

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In today’s digital age, staying connected is more important than ever. For federal inmates, communicating with loved ones outside the prison walls can be a challenge. However, thanks to advances in technology, there are various texting apps that are specifically designed for federal inmates. These apps allow inmates to send and receive messages, photos, and even video calls, helping them stay connected with their friends and family members.


Federal inmates face unique challenges when it comes to staying in touch with their loved ones. Traditional methods of communication, such as letters and phone calls can be expensive and time-consuming. In recent years, however, inmate texting apps have become increasingly popular as a more convenient and cost-effective way for inmates to communicate with the outside world.

Why Inmate Texting Apps are Essential

Inmate texting apps offer a lifeline to federal inmates who may feel isolated from their loved ones while behind bars. These apps can offer an emotional connection and help to inmates, helping them maintain relationships with their family and friends. Additionally, inmate texting apps can help reduce feelings of loneliness and improve overall mental well-being.

Benefits of Using Inmate Texting Apps

  • Cost-effective communication option for inmates
  • Instant messaging capabilities for quick updates
  • Photo and video sharing features to stay connected visually
  • Increased privacy compared to traditional phone calls

The Top 5 Federal Inmate Texting Apps of 2021


Secure Messaging is a popular choice among federal inmates due to its user-friendly interface and robust security features. This app allows inmates to send text messages, photos, and videos to approved contacts outside the prison walls. For $20 per month they can send unlimited messages.  We guarantee uptime and support.

Features of Secure Messaging:

  • End-to-end encryption for secure communication
  • Ability to schedule messages for future delivery
  • Photo editing tools for enhancing images before sending

2. ConnectNetwork Messaging

ConnectNetwork Messaging is another top contender in the world of inmate texting apps. This app offers a wide range of features designed specifically for federal inmates, including the ability to send secure messages and photos.

Features of ConnectNetwork Messaging:

  • Real-time notifications for incoming messages
  • Option to purchase prepaid credits for messaging services
  • Video calling feature for face-to-face communication

3. TextBehind

TextBehind is a highly-rated inmate texting app known for its ease of use and reliable service. This app allows federal inmates to send text messages, photos, and video messages to their loved ones outside the prison walls.

Features of TextBehind:

  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation
  • Customizable message templates for quick communication
  • Secure payment options for purchasing credits

4. GettingOut Messaging

GettingOut Messaging is a comprehensive messaging platform that offers a wide range of features tailored specifically for federal inmates. This app allows users to send text messages, photos, videos, and even eCards.

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Features of GettingOut Messaging:

  • Virtual mailbox feature for managing incoming messages
  • Access to educational content and resources within the app
  • Option to schedule video visits with loved ones

5. FlikShop

FlikShop is a unique inmate texting app that focuses on sending personalized postcards to federal inmates. Users can create custom postcards with personal photos and messages, which are then printed and delivered directly to the recipient inside the prison.

Features of FlikShop:

  • Easy-to-use postcard creation tool with customizable templates
  • Quick delivery of postcards within 24 hours
  • Social media integration for sharing memories with loved ones

FAQs about Inmate Texting Apps

Q: Can federal inmates use regular messaging apps like WhatsApp or iMessage?

A: No, regular messaging apps are not typically allowed in federal prisons due to security concerns. Inmate texting apps are specially designed to comply with prison regulations.

Q: Are inmate texting apps monitored by prison staff?

A: Yes, all communications sent through inmate texting apps are subject to monitoring by prison staff for security purposes.

Q: How do federal inmates access these inmate texting apps?

A: Federal inmates can typically access these inmate texting apps through designated kiosks within the prison facility or through approved electronic devices.

Q: Are there any restrictions on who federal inmates can communicate with using these apps?

A: Yes, federal inmates are usually only allowed to communicate with pre-approved contacts on their messaging app account list.

Q: Can family members or friends download these inmate texting apps?

A: Yes, family members or friends can download these inmate texting apps from the App Store or Google Play Store and create an account to communicate with their incarcerated loved one.

Q: How can I ensure my messages are delivered promptly through an inmate texting app?

A: To ensure timely delivery of your messages through an inmate texting app, make sure you have sufficient credits in your account and check your notifications regularly.


In conclusion, staying connected behind bars is now easier than ever thanks to the availability of inmate texting apps designed specifically for federal inmates. These top-rated apps come with a range of options that make communication easy as well as secure and cost-effective. By utilizing one of these top 5 federal inmate texting apps of 2021 mentioned above, both federal inmates and their loved ones can stay connected despite the physical barriers separating them.


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