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USP Big Sandy

Big Sandy provides one- and two-person cells. There is also dormitory housing. Inmates receive free medical care as well as the option to schedule sick calls through CorrLinks.

USP Big Sandy stands on an abandoned strip mine in Martin County, Kentucky. Studies demonstrate that federal prisons do not serve as effective tools for rural development; rather they only exacerbate existing burdens such as Martin County’s water crisis.

Work Details

USP Big Sandy, located in Martin County, Kentucky near Inez is home to male inmates in its high-security facility and prison camp.

UNICOR offers work details for inmates who are medically capable of participation, which equip them with valuable skills that can facilitate successful reintegration into society upon release from incarceration.

Vincent Basciano, leader of the Bonanno Crime Family until his arrest in 2004, was detained at Big Sandy prior to being transferred to Atlanta USP for prosecution.


UNICOR, or Federal Prison Industries, sells market-priced goods and services. Their programs equip offenders with skills they will need upon release to become law-abiding members of society who contribute positively to society.

Big Sandy USP inmates work at the UNICOR plant that manufactures clothing and textiles, sort hangers and perform other administrative and secretarial jobs for commercial markets such as call centers for call centers. UNICOR also offers call centers that are competitively priced against small businesses; business leaders feel this unfair competition has undermined them as competitors and undermined small businesses in general.


USP Big Sandy offers inmates both indoor and outdoor recreational activities to keep themselves occupied. Gym facilities allow inmates to participate in sports, intramural programs, hobby crafts and table games; additionally they have access to both law and leisure libraries with law references while leisure libraries provide magazines, newspapers, fiction books and nonfiction titles for leisure reading.

Inez USP houses 1,322 male offenders while its satellite camp provides accommodations for 69 minimum security inmates. Stay in contact with loved ones while behind bars using an approved text messaging service.


Big Sandy USP offers inmates the chance to participate in residential drug abuse programs as well as group classes like Alcoholics Anonymous or join the Challenge Program which offers self-help programs and counseling.

Big Sandy USP and its satellite prison camp offer advanced occupational education and GED instruction. In addition, this facility houses both a law library and leisure library featuring magazines, newspapers, reference materials, fiction and nonfiction books for leisure reading pleasure.


Big Sandy USP works with counselors to offer various treatment programs, such as anger management, coping skills and family impact classes.

Eric Eymard was sentenced to life imprisonment at USP Big Sandy after stabbing his cellmate with a piece of plexiglass that he had created as a blade for a shank he used in stabbing him with.

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Medical Care

USP Big Sandy offers individual counseling, group therapy sessions, self-help library programs and the Challenge program designed to address cognitive, behavioral and psychological factors preventing inmates from becoming productive citizens.

Inmates are allowed to receive mail on a point system. Any letters sent must include accurate information (full name, booking number and facility address). Inmates can send commissary funds directly back home using Pigeonly; click here for more details.

Legal Services

Like most federal institutions, USP Big Sandy offers both a law library and leisure library for its inmates to utilize. The latter contains magazines, newspapers, reference books, fiction and nonfiction books for leisure reading purposes. Furthermore, individuals and group counseling sessions are provided here and an option called The Challenge program addresses cognitive health factors which prevent citizens from becoming responsible citizens.

He is currently serving a life sentence for masterminding the 2004 murder of one of Bonanno family member in Atlanta and has since been transferred back.


USP big Sandy offers visitation on Saturdays, Sundays and Federal Holidays to approved visitors who present valid photo identification at check-in. Visitors may bring up to five people at once; split visits are permitted if approved.

USP Big Sandy offers GED instruction and English as a Second Language classes, in addition to advanced occupational education in data entry and major appliance repair. Furthermore, parenting programs and leisure libraries are provided.

Vincent Basciano is currently serving a life sentence for his involvement with the Bonanno crime family, having been transferred from USP McCreary in April 2021.