Frequently Asked Questions | ContactMeAsap - Best Inmate Text App

Q: How to I start service with your company?

A: Click on “Add Funds” and it will ask you for information to assist you in setting up your account. After your payment is approved, you will be given instructions by text and email on how get the service fully operational. Its quick and easy!

Q: Are the messages unlimited and can they send messages to as many people as they want to?

A: Yes, they can send unlimited messages to as many people as they like. B.O.P regulations state that they must add their phone number to their approved contact list in order to comply with policy, this is easy and take the inmate just moments.

Q: I want to send my inmate photos how do I do that?

A: Just simply text those photos to your inmate’s unique phone number or use the upload photos form on our website. The inmate will be notified of the photos that were being send and who they came from.

Q: Do you have a contact book or “phone book” feature so that the inmate can send messages to the name instead of a number?

A: Yes, those instructions for setup will be included with the welcome email they get once you make a payment.

Q: My inmate no longer needs the service, and or was released how do I cancel service?

A: Since we don’t bill you automatically its simple and easy to cancel service, just don’t make another payment. We don’t save your credit card details so you must make a payment every time you want to initiate or continue service. Your service will automatically be terminated upon failure to provide payment. We will send you notices to make a payment if your balance is low.

Q: How much does photo printing cost?

A: Depending on the facility, if a photobook or loose photos is required and based on the volume they purchased, they are as low as .52 cents including shipping and screening. We screen all photos for content that will be rejected by the B.O.P, so that ALL of their photos will not be sent back because of one bad photo. The inmate will be notified of the exact total price before he is able to order the photos. This final price will not change and includes everything.

Q: I don’t like to order online can I do that over the phone?

A: Unfortunately, at this time phone payments are not accepted. Coming soon we will implement phone payments. If you're reading this, you can easily make a payment online.