How Texting an Inmate Works | ContactMeAsap - Best Inmate Text App

When you join the ContactMeAsap service, we will send detailed instructions on how to set up your account. We will include instructions on how to text inmates without any problems.

We provided an easy-to-use and remembered email address for your inmate, which is then put on the inmate's TRULINCS computer. (Trust fund, Limited Interconnected computer system). Your inmate can immediately use the service to “text approve” contacts.

Through legal agreements with telephone companies such as T-Mobile, ATT, and Verizon, we have secured high-volume message delivery, so you don't have to wait for messages queued up. When you want to text your inmate, you can do so immediately.

We provide your inmate with a unique telephone number that belongs only to them as long as they stay current with their bill. You can easily text your inmate at this number at any time. When it comes time for your inmate to be released, they can have the phone number transferred to any cellular carrier they desire. We can arrange to switch to cellular on a specific day.

We maintain a staff of programmers and network engineers that monitor the network day and night to ensure that service is not interrupted. Customer support starts with a helpdesk ticket system and can be escalated to phone support for more tailored customer service.

We provide inmate text service to the entire United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Sending and receiving to approved contacts is unlimited and included in the monthly fee of just $20.

The same phone number used for sending messages can be used for receiving photos sent by text multimedia messages. The inmate will be notified you sent them a photo and is notified of the price, and how many other photos are pending.

We recommend you use our website to upload phones, as texting inmates' photos have lower picture resolution. The photos are beautiful. The photos get printed on the same equipment that prints school photos—high-resolution photos printed on quality paper using a traditional photo lab machine.

We proudly only use FUJIFILM crystal archive paper, so the quality of photos your inmate will get should last up to 100+ years without fading.